Solex, the famous self-driving bicycle,
since 1946


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Created by Maurice Goudard and Marcel Mennesson at the end of the Second World War, the Solex has sold more than 8 million units around the world, leaving its mark on millions of users. An iconic French brand, it reflects elegance, avant-garde and Art of Living.

Mythical – Iconic – Unforgettable.

Over half a century ago, Solex revolutionised mobility. This motorised bicycle, available in a wide range of models for over 40 years, has played a major role in the lives of millions of users. In the early 1900s, Maurice Goudard and Marcel Mennesson were future engineers with a passion for mechanics.

They joined forces to develop a range of mechanical parts. In particular, carburettors and radiators. Communicators ahead of their time, they want their brand to be a short name, with no more than 5 letters and 2 syllables, euphonious, without any meaning and pronounceable in any language. These relevant, up-to-date methods underline the company’s modernity. It is clear, then, that Solex is the unanimous choice.


The turning point

On the eve of the Second World War, Marcel Mennesson gave life to an idea he had been cultivating since 1917: that of a motorised bicycle. The innovative idea was to combine the roller transmission with a solid frame. To create a complete moped, the first of its kind. Production and sales began in April 1946. It was a tremendous success, mainly because of its low fuel consumption. As soon as the first models went on sale, the figures started to look breathtaking. From 1951 onwards, the models were refined and production rose to 100,000 units in 1953. It should benoted that it was so successful, BP developed a special fuel for Solex: Solexine.

Andin the 1960s, Solex became an iconic object, a true expression of a state of mind. It appeals to the young, the active, and the biggest stars of that period. On screen and off, Brigitte Bardot is an ambassador of choice for Solex. Which will be later also featured in the movies of Jacques Tati. Always at the forefront of trends, Solex has modernised over the years, particularly through its design and its now fully electric motorisation.

Les 2 temps Solex

In 2005, the brand teamed up with the famous designer Pininfarina to launch its first electric model: the E-Solex. As you’d expect, anexceptional style, a prestigious signature. It should benoted that the E-Solex quickly became a huge success. Solex is continuing its collaboration with the prestigious Italian manufacturer for the creation of the brand’s new models.

An integral part of France’s heritage

The brand is redeploying a long-term strategy based on top-of-the-range positioning to enhance its image and reputation. Thoughtful and meticulous down to the smallest detail, Solex never stops innovating by incorporating the latest technologies into its new products. The brand creates a sensation in the world of art, fashion and design. Aspart of this strategy to consolidate its top-of-the-range positioning, the brand is bringing to life a number of innovative projects and prestigious partnerships.. Solex is positioning itself as a new benchmark benchmark in the Art of Living. It aspires to contribute to the Excellence of French know-how and savoir-être.

In 2023, the brand will offer three ranges :

Solex 1946Solex Intemporel

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