T-SUR, a service platform

At the heart of the Rebirth group’s ecosystem, T-SUR is a service platform that is beginning the first transformation of the cycle industry, following the example of the automotive sector.

Using a simple, intuitive application, T-SUR provides access to a platform of services for selling, servicing and securing bicycles :




T-SUR can also answer questions about
refitting* – refurbishing* – the beginning of an era focused on reparability…

remise en état* / remise à neuf*

T-SUR is for…


76% of EAB sales (by value in 2020) are made by retailers* (over 3,000 in France), so the application will be aimed primarily at retailers, enabling them to :

  • Boost sales by offering a long-term leasing solution,
  • Increase the average cart sales value by offering additional services (insurance, extended warranty, servicing, etc.),
  • Facilitate the process of de marking bicycles.

But above all for…

The users

In the digital age, users want to control their bikes in just a few clicks. The T-SUR application will enable them to :

  • Control their bike(s) from A to Z,
  • Access GPS tracking of the bike,
  • Report a claim,
  • Make an appointment for servicing your EAB,
  • Centralise your documents(purchase invoices, long-term leasing contracts, insurance, assistance, etc.).