Our commitments

Repairability and recyclability.

The brand Solex has guided us through the decades thanks to its simple, well thought-out design. MATRA provided us with innovative, technological materials that were both lightweight and robust.

Reducing our carbon footprint.

Since the creation of Easybike in 2005, we have been developing our production sites in Saint-Lô as part of an eco-responsible approach, in close contact with Asian suppliers who are concerned about their carbon emissions.

Developing the skills of our teams.

Our commitment to the region is to welcome and train teams with a single desire: to learn and to get involved. The development of work-linked training is supported by a close partnership with the school CREAPOLE Transport section.

Taking action for the planet.

Simple, effective and visible actions: collecting rubbish on the beach or in ski resorts after the snow has melted, or designing a frame made from flax fibre or composite materials from the recycled car industry.