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Good for value

Easybike is one of the first brands in France to specialise in the development of electric bicycles and customised solutions for local authorities and businesses. Since its creation in 2005 by Grégory Trebaol, Easybike has been driven by a strong vision: the democratisation of this innovative mode of transport.

Eco-mobility solutions to suit every need

A forerunner in electric mobility in France, with more than 15 years of expertise, Easybike is committed to offering eco-mobility solutions tailored to every need and every type of use. The brand is focusing on three complementary areas: the development of quality electric bikes with a wide and varied range, a fleet of bikes for local authorities and businesses, and self-sharing solutions with its EasyStation. Thanks to the power of technological innovation, Easybike is constantly improving the capabilities of its electric bikes, particularly in terms of user comfort, battery life and design.


All models are assembled using components from renowned suppliers chosen with care and well-known for their reliability: Bafang, TranzX, Shimano, Schwalbe, Spanninga. The brand is presenting five ranges of electric bikes for the 2023 season: EasyTail (Utility), EasyCool (Compact), EasyCity (Urban), EasyCity/EasyLand (Vehicle for hire) and EasySport (Mountain bike). For the 2023 season, Easybike has revealed the new segments in the range : Compact, Urban, Utility, Mountain bike and Vehicle for hire.. All the new models are fully equipped with Bafang. Easybike is positioned as a generalist brand, offering quality and value for money.

Building on these strengths, the brand aims to become a major player in terms of sales volume, responding to public enthusiasm for this innovative mode of transport. In this way, the brand is developing its image synonymous with quality and accessibility and raises its profile with the general public. Easybike’s expertise enables it to position itself as a genuine facilitator, providing support and training for its customers/users. With the aim of offering a complete solution, Easybike has introduced a new self-sharing and induction charging station for local authorities and businesses: the EasyStation.

This station represents a decisive step forward in the development of soft mobility in urban environments and within companies; for the first time, the provision of electric bicycles is no longer dependent on recharging the battery. This is the first self-service station designed for rental and corporate fleets, offering all the guarantees required for this type of offer, including touch-screen registration and RFID(radio-frequency identification) dispensing. Everything is fully automated and computerised, making it as easy to use as it is to manage.

In keeping with Easybike’s ecological approach, the EasyStation can be fitted with solar panels to ensure that it is largely self-sufficient; at last, a solution that combines all the advantages of large-scale soft mobility. Some local authorities will soon be equipped with this exclusive technology. With Easybike, soft mobility is on its way!


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